Saturday, February 08, 2014

Saturday morning

Well, its raining here at La Casa Dandruff, which means that gardening duties are taking a back seat this morning.

On Waitangi day a group converged on Grant Morells place in the Wairarapa to look for lost modeling mojo. Grants layout has featured in the journal ( and the book of faces), but I may as well add a few shots.
Grant has a rather salubrious railway room off the main house

  A rarity in this country is a full NZP layout that runs well and is fully sceniced. The time taken just to assemble kits tends to leave little for the lineside items

'Logging and Booths landing'
Several other modelers had brought along items. However I believe that these are Grants and the concrete pad is part of a loco depot that's under construction.

As well as a wee bit of modeling, bollocks was talked and the borax was poked.
Most amusing site was the solution to pickup problems with Cabbages dubs A with sound. This involved being pushed/dragged around the layout by Quentins B class Fairlie
I have come away a bit more inspired than I was, and with some better ideas on what to fit into the room. The roundy roundy idea has been dropped and A point to point idea is forming. I just have to work out the track plan to provide enough running/shunting interest.

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Anonymous said...

What's the longest train you expect to run point to point? Will you have digital coupler locking and unlocking to make shunting easier?
Grant's layout is certainly a good one. It's slightly cloudy and 38 degrees C here in Canberra.