Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday morning

Time for a Saturday morning post.
This mornings will be book review time.
First up the Railfan. This months (well, December) marks 20 years of publication. All the normal sections are there. There is some good coverage of the 150th anniversary celebration. The 3rd installment of the EE Df saga completes the story, and I'm now extremely tempted by the 3D Df top that's just been updated on shapeways.the ongoing passenger carriage saga continues with a look at early postal cars. There is also a collection of photos from the 50's to the 70's from another collection. Again I still wonder why we are not seeing more photos from unknown collections. I'd but a CD of scanned pictures for $20.
Next up the Journal. An excellent article on NZ120 (with photos) by Greg Keay. Some good pictures of some excellent models by Russel Jones and eter Bryant, along with some cruel expansions of some decidedly average modeling. An article on a lineside industry in Invercargill that would serve as an excellent MMW module subject. Several articles on the early G class locos (plans, photos and a model). An interesting pair of articles on tail lamps for models (in S scale). A write up of what could possibly be the last Pokaka meet. Oh, and my usual rant on the Chritschurch NZR modelers group page (and Peter Ross' increasingly rambling and indecipherable comment column). Overall a good issue.

A short post today as Ive been interupted by the cat, and theres holes to be dug outside.


Am_Fet said...

What, so Parker the cat doesnt even dig his own holes! Pampered puss!

Motorised Dandruff said...

No, holes for a Pergola and theres a composting system to build as well.
The cat seems to be perfectly capable of digging his own holes.

Kiwibonds said...

This Post Needs Cat Pics