Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Leaving Home Ain't Easy

DB sadly draws conclusions from airborne experiments:

Landfill: Scenery removed and out for the worms
While in the land of the long white cloud, His Royal Druffness has just acquired a train room with attached house, up here in the Great Dandruffy North, we've just done the opposite.

It's quite a shock for two people to move - after having spent 12 years in a fairly roomy 4 bedroom house - to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment.

The physics of this transformation required the rapid expulsion of what seemed like several tonnes of accumulated rubbish; including the unceremonious trashing of my half-finished layout in the sky.

It was an interesting experiment, but even when accessed from an altitude of 6' 3, the idea of an 'above the doors' layout turned out to be a little impractical. While viewing it wasn't as bad as you might think, it's the operation, and ongoing maintenance that was always going to be extremely difficult.

The Big Gorge, stripped of scenery and nicely packaged for the trash man

Close, but no cigar.

Not that I wanted a cigar.

It was a bit sad making the decision to dump Moana, a layout section I really loved making and looking at. The scenery (and the goods shed for unknown reasons) was saved to be reincarnated in some other scene but its soulless shell was crushed by a passing garbage truck on Friday.

On the same day, I also separated from my modeling table (as featured in Great Workbenches of the World) for the past 22 years. Sigh.

Onwards and upwards.

[Aside] In case you were wondering what I was up to over the quiet months before I started attacking DJs and running my DXs, yes, I'd been playing with more N scale silliness. Here's my attempt at a 4-front windowed Canadian cab Dash 9 made from an SP kato -9 loco with an Atlas SD60M cab modified for 4 windows and fettled a little. Now in long term storage.

Something new for Steve4painting to roast 


beaka said...

Arghh! no! No! If only you had let me know. I could have come around and collected them to add to my medium height modules. Oh! Damn! That's right.Its Long Island, New York isn't it! One day I will get that matter teleporter in the shed working.Beam me up DB

Kiwibonds said...

Cheers, Beaka!

Where's Dr Who when you need him.

Actually wouldn't the Tardis make an excellent model railway room? Doesn't take up much space, but it's huge inside, and easily self-transportable.

MaverickNZ said...

Its a shame you had to get rid of the Moana layout was a brilliant piece of work with great scenery detailing and amazingly good backdrops. I hope you got heaps of photos of it.

0-4-4-0T said...

Alas! The best backscene/layout combination in NZ120 is no more.