Monday, December 16, 2013

AO Milestone

DB notes:

I needed to find a pic of some AO cars to continue my journey and had a read of when this all began and subsequent episodes.

The 12 year old mentioned in there turned 16 yesterday, so I guess this has been a long slog towards nothing. And I note that the real Tranz looks a little different now.

Finally some progress!

Reflector interiors and tinted windows were added on the 4 cars that were furthest advanced and somehow I managed to cobble up 8 sets of Tranz Scenic decals (some made up of 4 bits of scratched up decals) and here we are.

Its enough for a basic train - obviously there's still a bit of work to be done but few of the Americans will notice the lack of undergubbins and inter-carriage connectors (which I've subsequently had a go at and you'll see in the pics below).

These were surprisingly popular with the locals at the Long Island open house today, especially that they were all created from scratch (more or less). I also had a copy of a NZ Railfan handy with some pics of the real (previous) Tranz so they could see the prototype in a more appropriate setting.


sxytrain said...

Ahhhh...forging the 'Chosen Scale' on a foreign land. That Alpine set looks impressive from this side of the pacific

Peter Bryant said...

Agreed, Really looks the part!

0-4-4-0T said...

The layout is a practical size too - so much scenery in a small space and the trains can turn corners. The advantages of a sensible scale are so many...

beaka said...

well done. I can just picture it running on your and Herr Druffs modular setup of many years ago.
Tranz Scenic /Kiwirail/ or whatever International Ambassador-look no further!