Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Iron Gate

Cabbage's Travels

Iron Gate stream a scene waiting to be captured.
This little stretch of coast line has always made me wonder about a model railway scene, so on the way back to Picton the effort was made to stop and get some informational pictures that may be used for a MMW 4 module corner, bend or dog leg scene.
The approach

South west corner

The iron gate??

North east corner

The get away

Iron gate stream bridge

South Tunnel exit

 And not to mention the aerial photography 

Have to take it all away to the drawing board and see what can be made of it.
Using 4 similar reversible and interchangeable modules to make a bigger scene is what the free-mo idea is all about

 The idea

The idea is based on a 1200mm radius curve but looking at it I'm going to try a few other sizes, maybe up to 2400mm which would make the modules roughly 900mm along the track.


0-4-4-0T said...

Why turn a corner? Iron Gate would work fine as a straight module about 1.2 metres in length? The hill on one side would mean the suggested 4-module shape would be fixed and unchangeable.
But 4 flat "slight turn" modules as you have drawn would be brilliantly flexible if they could be assembled in any order/direction. I think different scenery would do this great concept more justice.

MaverickNZ said...

I had thought this would make a good model a couple of times when I have driven through. With the bridges and tunnels all pretty close you can pack quite a lot into a scene and not be too far off the scale of the real scenery.