Saturday, December 14, 2013

Great Workbenches of the World Part Eleventy-Five - An Ongoing Series

DB exposes:

Now that we temporarily inhabit a small, elevated concrete box, I hadn't expected to do a lot of modeling. But I bought some stuff with me rather than having it freeze in a storage unit over winter.

Unexpectedly, today I continued a never ending journey on my AO cars for the TranzAlpine in the hope of getting a few 'done-enough' for a model railroad club open house this Sunday.

In doing so, I thought it might be time to revive Evan's Great Workbenches of the World series.

Workshop with a view

Yes, here I am decamped on the bed, trying not to get Tamiya smoke and PVA glue on anything (noticeable).

I have a few plastic drawers of stuff that live under the bed. The big one out at left houses paints and plasticard scraps. The three drawer one next to it has various projects in many scales from many continents, lots of US diesel shell parts, decals, sandpaper, glue, knife etc. and on top are smaller ones with various and sundry little parts.

The cardboard box in the foreground has some NZ120 models and partially finished bits, including my DJ in pieces, bits to make more CWs, 4 painted AOs that I'm windowing, and 4 unpainted ones yet to grow wheels. This was an old keyboard box (remember when computers used to have actual keyboards rather than swipey-swipey things?) filled with some tray inserts Rhys procured about 20 years ago that happened to be sized about right for NZ120 things.

The actual 'workbench' itself is a white wooden shelf from a cabinet about 30x30cms square that is being used to paint some clear plastic with smokey shades. At right, Mrs defacto Northern Dandruff is providing encouragement by having a snooze complete with lovely dream about yummy paint smells.

There you have it. Small, compact, and you have to tidy it up when you finish or you won't be able to sleep.


beaka said...

Looks like you are right in the city from the view and how many floors up is hard to tell. Reminds me of an article I read from someone building an N scale layout in a high rise in India. Some of these apartments are worth as much as, if not more than a four bedroom home depending on location. I myself would struggle moving to the city after 33yrs on 30acres of orchard and no close neighbours. Actually, to be honest, the hardest part would be downsizing and discarding stuff, as well as condensing everything down. I definitely would not have anywhere to sleep after a week of hobby activity.

Andrew Hamblyn said...

Awesome view DB.

I'll try to refrain from crass comments about whats happening on your "workbench"....


Merry Christmas Everyone.
Stay Safe.


Steve Finnell said...


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Kiwibonds said...

Thanks for the amusements folks.

Technically in the city, nut across the river from Manhattan - some pics from the area here

How about we all go post Foamer Comments on Steve Finnell's blog...

lalover said...

Wow what a radical change DB!

Nice view though