Monday, November 25, 2013


Finally I have a moment to write another post.
Everything is installed at La Casa Danruff. The modeling room indoors is almost set up. The total space is 2.6m by 3.1 ( or 8' by 10' for those of you old enough to remember). I've managed to score a corner desk cheap from trade me, and it fits with the 2 cube bookcases into one end of the room.

Its not big enough to fit Paekakarik and so I'm now doing some thinking about a layout based on MMW modules.
Currently I'm leaning towards a port scene, an industrial scene and leading to a fiddle yard. There has been quite a few options postulated here over the years, including Opua, Kingston and Port Chalmers.  I've even knocked up some module track plans which would just about fit.
I've also discovered recently that there is a paper model of the Earnslaw available here.

This asks me another question on Layouts. Can one combine a collection of models into a scene that they historically would not have operated and make it believable, or would you just get nailed bu the rivet counters. I know deep down that I shouldn't care, but my day job relies on Accuracy..

If I'm not required in the garden too much over the next couple of weeks I'll think about some possible modules that will fit into the room.
As a scary aside, I see that I'm now officially recognised by the National Library no less.
I'm not sure whether to feel chuffed or terrified.


0-4-4-0T said...

Very pleased to see you have some long overdue recognition from the National Library. And pleased that your inspiring modelling will soon be recommencing.

Your absence at RailEx 2013 in Lower Hutt was keenly felt. The modelling space allocated to you was filled by a NZ120 MMW module depicting a scene from photos the Head Druff provided to a colleague. Such was the high quality of the Druff's photography, many visitors spontaneously declared that the module depicted the Manawatu Gorge - despite the extremely poor quality of the modelling and the lack of a caption saying anything about the module.

The NZ120 model that created the most discussion from visitors, though, was an MMW module titled "made by Jasmine aged 8". Other children still building their NZ120 MMW modules were challenged to find that another kid had beaten them to completion. But the consternation from 10-year-olds that they had been beaten by an 8-year-old! I wish my life were so simple!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Kingston operated by Ed and Da locos?