Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday morning

Well, its been far too long since we had a post covering guards vans on this blog. Some readers may disagree with this. However, since the recent release of an H class loco from the Kiwi models stable it is time to revisit one of my favorite topics.
The fell break van is the other important feature of rolling stock for any Rimutaka incline layout. there were 7 of these distinctive little vans originally built (plus a few later for braking on the inclines of the West coast. It has previously (just) been released in kit form by NZ Finescale for that funny non metric larger scale.
Obviously there is a requirement for a model to grace the layouts in the Fell museum, so without further ado the tame CAD monkeys were dispatched to fill the gap. It arrived last Sunday and I laminated the sides. as they were a bit warped i placed them under a piece of glass and left a weight on it.
Last night I get asked 'Have you had a chance to put the van together?'


A quick dash out to the Man-sion and 5 minutes with the PVA and ta-dah.

It looks the part. I now have to see if I have an old Peco underframe to put under it.

UPDATE; and with a bit of paint thrown round we get

These colours are not NZR spec, but are a good approximation to the shade that they seem to have aquired over the years. Needs a bit of weathering yet.


sxytrain said...

Had fun casting a set of vans in resin, about 10 years ago, for the 3/16th Cross Creek display at the museum.

0-4-4-0T said...

So you were the one responsible for those! Very nice models those - they look much more precise than castings.