Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday musings

On Saturday, among other discussions we spent some time looking at the turntable. One of the things that I noticed was that I might have problems with feeding power to the turntable bridge.

There is a huge sodding motor stuck in the middle of it. One suggestion was to have a rotating piece sitting on top of the turntable pit (not full size) that rotated with the bridge. I will not be using a system that relies on wheels rolling round the outer track.

Oh, and to end on a positive note, here's a shot looking down the new hillside to the loco depot.


NZ120 said...

That last photo is mighty impressive.. Took a good minute to take it all in, nz120 scale really does allow one to create large believable environments!

0-4-4-0T said...

Could the whole surface of the floor of the turntable pit rotate (covering a curved slot for moving wires)? The join between the rotating/non-rotating floor could be just inside the curved perimeter rail, inconspicuous at the change of texture (sleepered perimeter rail/gravel floor of the pit)? The floor of the pit would be visually homogenous, and viewed from the new hillside the moving gravel wouldn't be noticed when the turntable moved - all viewers would be too busy watching (and in awe of) the magnificent Shapeways Ka being turned. Most of the time the turntable would not be turning and the floor would be unmoving.

Anonymous said...

The scene looking great.

re: powering turntable - how about the tube it rotates on, holding the live wire down it to a disk of pcboard rotating with a light wiper on the outside edge of copper on the underneath of pc disk, to rotatingly transfer the power.
Other rail is live to the base wire; a dcc reverser in series and lashings of araldite and bobs your uncle.