Sunday, April 07, 2013

Sunday meet.

Well, open the door to the garage and it attracts all sorts of odd people.
'Officer, my garage is full of modelers'
 So, what happened on the day? New models were examined, the urine was taken , borax was poked, and my collection of tools were mocked (again). Business as usual really.

One thing that did get moved on was the Bush tram layout. I have not been overly happy with all of it for quite a while now, and today was the catalyst. The new blue plastic was put on the table, and some track was plonked down. The piece of track work from the abortive 'Grassmere' was returned from its 3rd owner. It has now become part of the layout on the NZR side. The main line will have the NZ120 Freemo modular face plates (of which another set was sold today to an unsuspecting S scale modeler). Wagons will be dropped off on the back shunt front center. They will then be transferred to the sawmill/ fiddle yard at the back. the bush tram locos will run on the separate loop.
I lie this plan a lot more as its much smaller (it fits in the back of the car) and it gives me a chance to have a second shot at bush scenery that I failed so dismally with on the first attempt.

As a final note, any other photos or videos that may appear on here in the next few days casting aspersions on my mechanical skills have obviously been faked on photo shop. You have been warned...

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0-4-4-0T said...

You are being overly anxious, Head Druff. The modelling techniques demonstrated today merely involved the appropriate use of lower technology tools to overcome the weaknesses of high-tech CAD modelling (for a turntable); the easy use of a modelling knife (to make scenery without difficulty); and the use of pre-stone-age technology (we kid you not) as the most convenient method to assemble precision laser-cut NZ120 module ends.
As Head Druff has indicated, details of these marvels may be revealed on future posts.