Thursday, April 25, 2013

A day off

A quick trip out to the mansion today (well, it was an hour or so, but I tend to wind up thinking rather than doing at the moment). One job was the removal of the filler I have been using. Others might like it but the applications I have tried using it for have been epic fails. It just doesn't set hard (or set at all) under my delicate hands. So today I decided to remove it. I think I threw my DAS out, so I might have to buy some more tomorrow.

The other item on the thinking agenda was some additions to the layout.
Its been a long time since the completion of the main line track, but I have not started on the fiddle yards. A plan has now been hatched to rectify this.

 A stick illustrating how wide the loop will be at a 600mm minimum radius. I may have to go below this to get 2 (or 3, I've yet to decide) loops in. I might add some sidings in as well.

The other end presents a bit more of a quandary. There is not enough space in the Man-sion to get a second loop in, so I have to do something else.

The plan is to have a 600mm radius 90 degree turn and a fiddle yard on the top of the shelves on the left. Number of tracks also yet to be determined.
Apsrt from that all I did was cut 500 odd wood sleepers for the main line north. This will be the first section to be balasted.

Oh and this is post 1250.

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