Sunday, March 03, 2013

The future

I've been pondering on advances made in the scale in the last year, so this is probably the new year state of the nation 2 months late. One thing that has boomed in the scale is the sudden availability (an explosion) of rapid prototype models. a quick count today gives 7 diesel locos , 2 electric locos, and more surprisingly 8 steam locos. Add to this the locos already available in brass etch or white metal and suddenly the availability of loco power is solved (or at least ameliorated). I would be interested to know just how many of these models have so far been purchased, and how they are coming along on peoples work benches.
One thing that I do wonder about is the brittleness of the acrylic polymer, but thats easily fixed by replacing hand rails with wire. Maybe with some of the more delicate parts replaced with etched items or lost wax brass

And it looks like this new fangled technology may have driven the first nails in the coffin of an old personal friend of mine, resin casting. From memory the last time I used any resin was in Nelson. While I've thought about starting up again, theres always been other jobs further up the list.
It still seems to have its place in the British model railway scene, but I'm not sure if its of much use here.


Cabbage said...

I think you will find the resin still has its part to play.
the new fangled tech is great one of but are you going to pay $30 each for Kp wagon tops??

Kiwibonds said...

I was down both on and in the train room last night and was thinking the same thing.

These models seem to ameliorate (i wanted to reuse your word) the need to observe everything from a few feet away and put some of my pretty blobby models to shame.

I'm tempted to buy a few to try them out. There's quite a price differential between the different types of materials - is the cheap one a bit daggy for model use?

Kiwibonds said...

remove that 'down' - I'm not down on Nz120.og!

Kiwibonds said...

or 'org' what's up with my typing today. my hands are hungover i guess.

NZ120 said...

Just been looking at the sales data for this year. I haven't the time to list what locomotives have been sold but sale order's by country is quite interesting.

United States 2
United Kingdom 11
Germany 2
Australia 2
New Zealand 18

Anonymous said...

Let's see if we can keep NZ ahead in the statistics!