Thursday, March 28, 2013

Earning your Stripes - ZM postscript

DB belatedly reports on an experiment that went well (for once) :

The last thing to do to my ZM was to add the diagonal 'hey dummy, you didn't shut the six side doors right' stripes, lacking the raw materials at the time.

I seem to remember that painting these on straight was a pain 20 years ago.... You can pencil in a line and paint yellow blobs over it, or...

Since the Shapeways ZM has a subtly gritty finish, perhaps a yellow coloured pencil would be faster and neater. After about 10 seconds work, voila!

And that pic shall be a sneak preview of my next post...

p.s. to this p.s. - are these lines too thin?

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beaka said...

Lovely stuff! At the front of your picture of course!