Monday, March 18, 2013

What in the H... is that?

From an email from 0-4-4-0T:

Hello All
Attached is a file showing some motorised dandruff, and an exploded still showing the position of the mechanism within the body.

Refinements will need to include: painting the thing, removing the rear half of the side rods, adding MMW side rod detail, maybe changing some couplers (although all my stuff at present has these ones). Oh, and rip off the Westinghouse to have a proper pre-1900 engine.
I suppose I will need to get another top and another mechanism - two was probably the smallest number of engines used at once.
The wheelbase of the Graham Farish Jinty mechanism is a little too short overall, and the wheels too big, but once buried under the wobbly bits they may not be too visible. I found it fitted the top better placed backwards, which has the added benefit of leaving the cab empty.

A key matter for these model engines is the ability of the mechanism to run smoothly, slowly.  This engine is close to its slow limit (although it can go slower than the speed seen in the video).  For prototypically slow running up a 1:16 grade with a train, we may need to ditch this mechanism and put in MD's proposed horizontal drive wheels (each with separate micro motor) together with a better low speed main motor.
Many thanks to MD for coordinating everything, Peter for the top, and Cabbage for measuring stuff up for the wobbly bits and earning early access to the prototype top.


0-4-4-0T said...

To add some missing background, Marks Model Works is planning some etches to represent the side gear of the Fells. Some of the frame detail may be included too.
The photos really don't do this exquisite model justice - it really is a miniature Fell locomotive as it is. Some feedback on potential improvements to this superb top is being offered to Peter but these really are minor points.
An advance version of the model was provided to MMW to allow measurement for the etches which are desired primarily for some static models in displays at the Fell Locomotive Museum, Featherston. We just couldn't resist putting a mechanism under it and making it run.

Kiwibonds said...

way cool.

NZ120 said...

Very nice! a few have been purchased of this class so will be interesting to see how they turn out. I'm seriously considering a little layout with at least 3 H loco's spread out throughout the train!