Thursday, March 14, 2013

Giving in

Well, I have finally buckled under mounting pressure (from my subconscious) and purchased an NZ120 scale H loco in FUD. Total cost including postage was $75NZ, which I don't think is too bad for this model. Its all quite/dangerously simple with Paypal. The order is then sent into the printing que. Last night I received this 'informative' e-mail.

>Exciting update! We're in the midst of creating your order in our factory of the future.

 Hmm, OK guys, a bit too much of the corporate kol aid this morning I think.

>Once our robots have finished creating your order and we make sure it's perfect....

I think this is a relative term.

The most amusing thing at the end is the warning.

>Warning: Please note that the 3D printed products are intended for decorative purposes. They are >not suited to be used as toys or to be given to underage children. The products should not come in >contact with electricity and be kept away from heat. Our materials, except for 3D printed glazed >ceramics, are not food safe.

OK, so at least I'm not planning to eat it.

(BTW acrylic is an excellent insulator with a melting point of about 90C so unless the chip or motor bursts into flame it should be fine).

I must now pay the Atlas website a visit to get the motorising bits.


0-4-4-0T said...

Fires are a possibility. I have had a hand-made cardboard D Class carriage catch fire as it went slowly around the MMW Kai Iwi Tunnel layout. Cabbage managed to put enough current through the track to cause arcing through a wheel bearing on the carriage creating a flame. We put the fire out without too much damage to the carriage. I forget how we prevented a recurrence.

Motorised Dandruff said...

Remind me not to let Cabbage near my electrics. My rolling stock may be far more flamable...