Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Crossed wires.

Several days ago I posted a comment on a post detailing my tribulations with acquiring photos of Paekakariki for the journal.

'The problem I have is that its not just stuff to stick up on the blog, its things that get seen by hundreds of people. Thus we need excellence.'

Comments posted have revealed that I should probably have qualified it a bit more. Its what comes from posting on the Internet from the tail end of a 6-pack of beer. What I was intending to say was;

'The problem I have is that its not just stuff to stick up on the blog, its things that get seen by hundreds of people. Thus I need excellent pictures for the journal.'

 It's been a theme around here for a while, that I can snap a picture or 2 (of a small size for those on slower connections), write things up and post. Its fast and up to the minute. Print media just doesn't do that, the photo files required are larger. I also don't feel that my 'that will do' style of modeling is a fit for the journal as it stands today. I also struggle to write long coherent articles, and forget a logical 'how to do it' version.

Now for another point, I don't think I've ever expounded that we should aim for excellence. Indeed I've posted cruel close ups of my models to show that anyone can do it (1200 posts can't be wrong). Personally, I just want (and have always just wanted) people to build models and layouts. With the recent (and continuing) deluge of RP tops its never been easier. My inner perfectionist frequently gets in my way, to the point where its often hard to keep going on projects that I don't think look right. I would get a lot more done if I could ignore the wee nagging voices in the back of my head.

We now return you to the regular drivel


0-4-4-0T said...

An inability to take high quality high resolution photos for publication in the journal can leave one with more modelling time. You see, if one's photography is not up to scratch (i.e. supersharp even if enlarged 10,000 times) then one doesn't have to spend modelling time writing articles for the journal. Even highest-standard modelling doesn't make it to the journal if the modeller can't take better pics than a professional photographer.
So take care Head Druff! Improving your photography may help others' modelling (and discourage others) but will slow your own modelling. Pi Kak must take priority!

Anonymous said...

I have a very good old 50mm macro lens that screws into my high res DSLR, and a tripod. The beauty of this setup is fine close-up plus long depth of field. You can arrange the view as you want it framed, very big image for printer, even photoshop it too. I should bring it over for you to play with.


Motorised Dandruff said...

It would be wasted on me you know....

Anonymous said...

Certainly not. I just noticed in your earlier post you already have some photos. Your work is very photogenic.

To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, close up maybe isn't what you want but good depth of field is what you need.