Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Yay holidays

Well, with the country's national day off, along with the national prescribed indifferent weather, I managed to get a couple of hours in the man-sion.
And what did I achieve in this time?

Pretty much sod all.

'This took 90 minutes?'
-And I have no idea why. I had a piece of stripwood cut to get the gaps between sleepers right. Maybe it was the 'doing sleepers one at a time' rather than placing them on double sided tape as I normally do.

The other 4 joining tracks will have to wait until I get the turntable done so that the tracks line up correctly. I guess that that job leaps further up the que than it has been previously.


Amateur Fettler said...

Guess I had better finish the turntable then....

sxytrain said...

Did just as much modelling but in my head while lying on the beach!!!!

Cabbage said...

Took a day trip over to Carterton.
That has been the best bit of modeling I have done in a long time.
It was suggested we need to organise a TrainZ Southern North Island maybe to coincide with Wellington Anniversary weekend. May have to take a contingent to TrainZ this year for some research.