Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Morning

My where have all my other writers gone?
people just keep shuffling deadlines at work. I should really draw a line in the sand but the sand bucket has been moved as well. So for the last week or 2 I have not been out to the man-sion much.

So, not a lot of modeling going on unfortunately. Maybe if there was a local NZR modelers group meeting once a month it might work better. However I still have no idea how many active NZR modelers there are in this neck of the woods.

So, some ponderings for the morning.
-Amateur Fetler stayed last week (ON in palmy for work) and wide ranging conversations were had (he also scored poorly in the coffee making stakes). One point that did come up was that with current technology as it stands, it is now possible to model any prototype you want in any scale. Also that unlike a larger scale, NZ120ers have actively embraced these technologies to produce a wide range of models. I'll stand by this comment unless someone can point me to a spot on the Internet where I can see some evidence (Oh, and I'm not on Face book btw). I'll exclude NZfinscale from the list (otherwise he'll bend my ear)

 I'd love to see more pictures of these new NZ120 models built up and running on layouts guys. Chop chop, less readey, more dooey. :v)

I also found myself being referred to last week as an elder statesman of NZ120. Will have to trace how this state of affairs occurred.

Right, off to lunch and then there is beer to be bottled and projects to be managed.


Amateur Fettler said...

In my defence, I had been drinking the Lady Druff's wine, plus the closest I'd ever come to using a proper coffee machine before was saying "I'll have a latte, please" to the gorgeous young women in Trax cafe.

NZFinescale said...

One of the things about having all this technology around is that it doesn't actually lead to cohesive progress in any one niche of the hobby, but rather a diaspora where people scatter to all sorts of esoteric extremes (Like the Druff bush tram perhaps).

So now, when you produce a wagon in an established scale, instead of a rush of orders from the product starved masses you get "can you do me one in 1:99.3" or "can I have a widget casting for my model of the ...?"

I'm not bitter about this, but it does mean that the hobby is morphing into something new. For those of us that can this is probably no bad thing.

In the UK it's great as RTR is fantastic and all this techno stuff can be applied to structures and one off projects. I'm not sure what it means for NZR.


Anonymous said...

Was just thinking that looking at and Jim S-W's lovely P4 New Street model. This is a guy who uses all the techniques to the full - protypical drain covers for the area anyone, bus shelters, bespoke overhead.