Sunday, February 17, 2013

Questions for the peanut galley

I've been asked to take some photos for an upcoming journal article on NZ120. Several will be of the bush tram locos and wagons (which is easy). The other request is for some photos of progress on Paekakariki. Now, here is where I would like an opinion from the peanut galley (ie you lot).
What angles do everyone think show 'progress'? And what am I showing progress from?

Here is a selection for discussion.

'An early shot showing the naked base boards. Impossible to get at a high enough resolution for the journal.'
'Looking north showing some of the track making up close'
'Maybe not the best choice'

'An actual area of detail'
Or something along the lines of the following.
To compare with the historical photos
I'll leave it to you, I'm really not sure.

(Oh and as another question, Do the Priesler seated figures have workmen in sitting poses other than 'on the way to work on the bus'?)


Anonymous said...

Funny innit? Shot 2 imho is by far the 'traditional' progress shot of exquisite execution (the layout, not necessarily the shot) and the others are good, but hard to actually make out whats going on. Have you tried taking some directly overhead? I've seen that used a fair amount....

NZ120 said...

The second photo has a good angle, but a bit too close up. I reckon a steeper angle keeping the edge of the layout out of view, the last shot has the right height but the camera is too far away from it all.

NZFinescale said...

I'd emphasise what is great about NZ120 - namely the ability to model on a broader scale. Something that emphasises the extent and flowing nature of the trackwork. I would avoid lots of mockup structures and rolling stock in such photos as the detract from that simple message.