Saturday, August 03, 2013

Saturday action

With a week to go till the Masterton show, I've decided to have a crack at knocking up an NZ120 module with MMW ends. I know I've had plans before, but they have always been a bit grandiose. Time to do something a bit more bit sized. The aims are to build a small module that can be connected to other modules with MMW endplates. It has to be small enough to fit on a shelf. It has to be capable of some shunting. That should about do it. After all, I only have a week.
(Oh, and not use any really fancy tools either. well, other than a laser cutter...)
First up, the track.
'Deja vue? No, I've seen it all before.'
 The track work previously earmarked for Grassmere and Weta creek, is now seconded to the new project. The tracks on the left hand side are the main (bottom) and siding (top).

The base is made from 1" blue styrofoam. I made the sidings long enough to accommodate at least a 50' wagon. More if 4 wheeled wagons are used. Maybe not big enough for some, but more than enough to meet the aims of the project. The whole length is 80cm and the width 30cm.

There is space for 3 line side industries (illustrated with wooden blocks). I have added a foam board top to bring the track up to the correct level for the end plates.

Glueing the top on. plenty of mass used to keep it all flat while its drying.

And to the ends. I cut a piece of MDF of about the correct length and 20cm high. The ends were attached using no more nails and tacks. I made sure that the sides were about 1mm up from the bottom of the ends. they are desined to rest on the ends.
Now, despite having a PhD, I managed to get the ends the wrong way round in every permutation before finally having both the correct way.
'The wrong way round'
'The right way round'

'Getting closer together'
 Tomorrow I'll put the 2 together and add the inner face.

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