Thursday, August 15, 2013

Masterton show update

Just a couple of things to finish up from last weekend.

I've been insanely busy at work the last couple of weeks, but things seem to have sorted themselves out this week. So I had the inclination to nip out to the mansion for a photo or 2.

First up, the module as its stands at the moment. The mainlines are protected by foam to stop accidents. I like the concentrated simplicity of the track plan, with plenty of shunting in a small area. I have to add a fidddle yard at the right hand end to use it as a stand alone layout.

 I also did some shopping for scenic material. First stop was Scenic Textures, where Brian was able to hook me up with some foam slab. As good as the woodland scenics stuff, and locally made (oh and only $15 a bag. I grabbed 2 and I'm looking forward to trying it).

On the right there's is a different type of scenic texture, this time from Kelmara loco depot. Its similar to the Busch sheets I had already used (of which I picked up another roll), but its on a mesh backing rather than a paper backing. It looks good for weed patches or possibly house lawns (with a bit of a trim).


0-4-4-0T said...

You say it's going to be an industrial siding. Would it work as a scene next to the Lake Grasmere salt works?
I note, though, that Da's would not be able to do the shunting or work the main line unless it is North Island.

Andrew Hamblyn said...

Any chance you can divulge the distributor of the scenic material on the left?? ($15.00 per bag?)