Monday, August 12, 2013

Masterton show

I had a very enjoyable weekend with MMW and the VCC team at the Masterton show over the weekend. despite showing up late both days, I had the chance to do some modeling and also talk bollocks with other like minded individuals.

With showing up late I was forced to share a table with Brabs from VCC. This was good for me as there was a never ending selection of tools to 'borow'. I also had to supply polite replies to 'I've lost my nuts'.

 I did manage to get my MMW module working, and ran a few trains. However for some reason my Cb and bush railcar refused to work. For some odd reason the DCC box could not program anything.

I took a few photos, but unfortunately Brabs is the unacceptable face of model railways, and the camera agreed. Instead here is a couple of pictures of Kai iwi from different view points. I should do them in a sepia tone, but black and white seems to suit.

I also had a few interesting chats with a variety of NZ railway 'personallities'. I had a printed H class top o hand, and was told buy one magazine editor 'come back when it runs'. Sounds like a challenge from him and his mustache.


Am_Fet said...

Brabs? The Unacceptable face? Publish and be damned, I say!

Rab said...

Not possible. The picture seems to have deleted itself...

0-4-4-0T said...

Why no images of the Head Druff's exquisite hand-made track and point work? Why no images of fantastic NZ120 Da locos testing the new trackwork and proving it all works?
I can appreciate the need to keep the Other scale in black & white. (These early period NZR trains when full scale length in the Other scale are slightly shorter than modern era trains in NZ120. I understand that's why they are allowed to appear on his blog.)

Rab said...

I didn't take any photos of my module at the start, then got the dreaded 'memory stick full', before i could do anything else.

cabbage said...

The fence looks great in the last photo 0-4-4-0T good job
Good to get some photos to show what needs work