Saturday, May 04, 2013

The ends

It has been a long time since I have cut out the bits for a module(here and here). Today my wood working skills were again disinterred from their grave and dragged into the cold light of day.
While my collection of tools is sadly lacking, I do have friend and her collection of power tools is amazingly good. So this morning I purchased a sheet of plywood and headed out to get it cut up into bits. It only cost me a pumpkin. I then brought everything home and started assembling.

Progress was terminally halted late in the day by a terminal lack of long screws. Another visit to Mr Mitre 10 is in order.
'No appendages were removed during the cutting of this plywood.'

1 comment:

Am_Fet said...

Oooo, only 3 pumpkins left....better spend them wisely!

(Does Cabbage accept them as payment? Or 0-4-4-0T? You need more hills!)