Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday morning

Well, its been a while since a post here.
Its been one of those things that I've had some good ideas at work, but they have then been forgotten as I wonder how to push my current 'behind schedual' project along.

So, trying to dredge some of my thoughts out of my memories (what did I have for breakfast yesterday?)

I've been interested to see some discussion in the last week on the location of the Brass Ka locos that were made 25 odd years ago. This was going to be a 'first of many locos and came along just after the 30' guards van. These models still command premium prices on trade me, though whether its a sound investment like Mighty river (which I thought I already owned part of...) I don't know. This then sort of leads into brass locos for NZ 120. I think that we are probably doomed on this point as none of use have hugely deep pockets, and I have no idea about how one would go about this. Its the same with RTR from china. it seems like a huge punt, and I have no idea how one would go about these things. You would have to have a swag of money up front to do it, and a very solid hand on quality control.
And which protiotype would you pick. An Ab, or a De? Maybe a Dsc or a Ja or even a Ka. who knows?

Ok, so that's out of the way, what about some  loco kits (for kettles ). Again I'm not sure how they would sell, and like any kit, would they get built? I believe that the uptake of Kiwitrains models has been solid (but not spectacular) and so whether or not others would be willing to dive further into their shallow pocket to buy a fine scale model is an unknown. Its easy at the front end where people say 'oh if you made one I would buy one'. Its when the kit actually is available suddenly you get the 'oh sorry, not today'. The same goes for the 'If you made X then it would sell'. J sheep wagons anyone?

Finally, the fliers are out for the model railway convention in Hamilton next Easter. Now Hamilton is a place that has never inspired me to visit again, as downtown on a Friday night feels like Palmy on a wet Tuesday night. having said that, I will probably go, and its just a question of what I take with me. I'm not sure about any competition entries as they do suck modeling time away from projects that would be larger volume wise. Layout wise I'm still not sure about taking Paekakariki. maybe its time to get people behind a project like a modular layout. is 10 months enough time for everyone to build something to display?

I've also been allowed to expand the DCC control system (birthdays are good things) and so we may add another handset. I've also put the geeks on looking at adding throttles using a PC to Loconet adaptor and wifi, so that smart phones can be used as mobile hand helds. Again, its not something I've seen on shore in this country. However given that there is not solid on line presence for other scales we don't have any idea what people are doing, do we. The same goes for modelers of other prototypes in this country. Does there need to be a central New Zealand railway modelers forum so that we can get ideas from other scales, and vice versa.

The peanut galley open!


Gary said...

Re DCC control:
I am considering Wi-Fi from either iPhone or Android tablet to a laptop with JMRI to Ecos.

It's worth a look at the Yahoo JMRI site for ideas.

Also interested in the JMRI Virtual Sound Decoder which is still in early stage of development:

This would be more realistic, easier to implement and cheaper than trying to get good bass and sound in general out of NZ120 stock.

Gary said...

Re convention at Hamilton:
I could attend with a couple of NZ120 Manawatu Gorge modules.

Magikan said...

I've got my Galaxy s2 set up to use as a throttle using Digitrax, JMRI and wifi.
It works fine.
I got the impression from the little playing I've done that it wasn't quite as reponsive as a "real" throttle but certainly more than usable.

beaka said...

I have a cheap as chips garden variety mobile phone and the less time i use it the better. I love my NCE controller.Its super easy to use as well as very functional.I am sure it feels at home because of its look and layout (TV remote). I am tempted by convention being on my backdoor and the timing would work in with my orchard work. I would be able to bring my huge loco collection(3) to run (DCC only)as well as rolling stock. I can operate my layout at home with DC or DCC by changing the connections 2 layout from one controller to the other. I also think we have enough forums already for people to be sidetracked from actual modelling

Motorised Dandruff said...

I must admit that I don't like the NCE units because they look like A TV remote. Ditto for the Digitrax models.
The wireless idea is for the tech junkies among us. I have a simple phone, cos I'm simple too.

David said...

Re DCC control
I am using Digitrax, JMRI and WiFi with a Cheap Huawei phone with Engine Driver. It works well.