Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday night

Following on from last nights post, I took a few more photos.
The first shows a horrible close up of the hill behind (or in front of ) Paekakariki. I do prefer the look of the 'pre planted' scenic material vs the static grass look. I know it can be done well, but a lot that I have seen looks nothing like real long grass.

 The directionality of the grass isn't perfect, but it does look OK I think.

And as always, I had to have a play, didn't I. the photos are slowly getting better.

I'll have to ask Mr Bond about how to increase the depth of field.


beaka said...

that grassy hill with gorse looks damn good Herr Druff!

NZ120 said...

Well done, the grass & bushes look very convincing!

Wes said...

Well done on the scenery

To increase depth of field use a small lens aperture (large f-stop number), get further away from the subject, or use a wide-angle lens.

There is also some software that will merge photos taken at different focus (focal?) lengths to produce incredible depth of field. Search for "focus stacking".

Either way you will find a tripod handy.