Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunday night

Further work tonight assembling all the bits from yesterday. It was a bit dark and wet. armed with the correct screws this time things just flew together, which was nice as its not overly comfortable working on a hard concrete floor.

Getting everything into place and setting up the locating hinges.It was a bit of a strain, but I'm not planning to move it very often.

 I now need some more 3mm MDF to surface the module prior to putting the turntable on.

Looking at this tonight I am now pondering if I need a scenic divider between the fiddle yard and the layout. In reality its just a big flat area with no tree lines or large collections of buildings. I may just ballast and scenic the fiddle yard and use it as a model display area. I'm hoping that getting this finished will allow me somewhere to put all the rolling stock that currently is all over the Man-sion.

In a related question, does anyone have any photos of the main line at Paekakarikiarround the loco depot?


0-4-4-0T said...

Is this end now going to be a fiddle yard? I was envisaging this end as a giant turning loop where double-headed Ka's pulled 18 carriage expresses northbound out of Paekakariki and a short time later a similar double headed train arrived southbound from Auckland. Sidings on the turning loop might allow a freight train to arrive before the southbound passenger train.

Motorised Dandruff said...

Its simple logistics. A return loop takes up too much space using a 600mm miniumum radius. With a turntable I can fit 6 trains instead of 2.

Anonymous said...

Photos - Google Maps for an aerial view? There's even a hissy thing parked out front (or rear) for ambiance. Street view is on the wrong side and too low anyway. Which viewpoints are you after? - SteveF

Anonymous said...

Handy piece of kit for building model rail stuff