Saturday, October 22, 2016

Waihao Forks....Saturday Update

Am_Fet writes in block capitals:

Well, the weekend plans for the major protagonists to get together at Cabbages top secret layout building facility on Friday night fell apart in spectacular fashion thanks to illness and family commitments.  Poor Cabbage, he had to go and spend time with the Marklin Club....

Anyway, here is the latest email from 0-4-4-0T with progress:

"We now have slow speed running on all parts of Waihao Forks.

The electrical interlocking doesn't successfully stop the engine if the points aren't set completely correctly - essentially because everything ran fine on insulfrog. But we have slow speed running through all areas.

Finer testing is beyond the quality of my engines to date. The Graham Farish 0-6-0 has a very long wheel base plus its motor doesn't run well at very slow speeds. The Microace 4-6-4 doesn't run well on the slightly rough code 40 track because its power pick-ups (on the first two driving axles and the last axle of the trailing truck) are only just good enough for very smooth heavier track."

I believe the meeting will be postponed until next week when hopefully we can start the landforms.  There is also talk of sub-contracting out the grass planting to another well known modeller.  I'm waiting for Cabbage to confirm.

In the meantime, I had better pickup my mouse and start designing the buildings and structures.

In closing, does anyone have any ideas for modelling stucco in the smaller scales?  Everything I read seems to be aimed at HO and bigger, ranging from sandpaper to talc or white pepper mixed with paint.

All answers on the back of a postcard please!

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beaka said...

A problem we face with NZ120 is getting good electrical pickup from locos, especially once we have modified (butchered) the chassis and lost some of its weight. I don't like any Graham Farish stuff, apart from their newer releases by Bachmann. Our club had a 4-6-0? by Farish/Bachmann and it ran as well as any Kato loco with no issues with power pickup and lovely fine scale wheels as well. I hear from sources on other forums that some of the new Dapol locos and other brands that make British models still have reliability issues and yet you pay more for them than American locos or Japanese prototype locos. A friend recently had purchased a Dapol diesel and it blew the LED headlight after 5 mins running. Other people have had to return locos for repairs soon after purchasing. I am pleased I am not modelling British Prototype.