Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Waihao Forks....Now with added length!

Am_Fet continues:

Initial Permanent Way meetings were held between 0-4-4-0T and myself during one of the monthly club nights.  The layout was viewed from all angles and measured up to within an inch of its life....

One of the decisions coming out of the meeting was that the loops were just a little too short, especially when a goods shed sized cutout was plonked on for a good look.  After a bit of deliberation and dicking about (A Noble Art, Sir!), it was decided that the loops all needed to be lengthened by about 150mm.

To facilitate the building of the baseboards at this point, the track was removed from its paper template which was duly sent on to Atomik Design, leaving the good stuff in Karori to be stretched.

Once the paper template had arrived in the Seaview workshops of Atomik Design (Layout Baseboards a Specialty), a quick attack of the "cut and paste" machine added in the necessary inches so that baseboard planning could commence.

It was then a simple matter to lay the template out on a piece of 4mm ply (purchased for this very task) and start jockeying around until a suitable size, shape and curve radius could be established.

The ply was then measured up and cut with the CNC router....and set aside to get in everyones way as they moved between the machines.

Next up: the baseboard supports and getting the whole thing together......

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