Thursday, July 17, 2014

Link of the week: impressive modeling from India

DB says:

Greetings, Antipodeans, from the homeless International Nomadic Branch of Motorised Dandruff Inc.

I was recently sent a link to some Chinese steam pics on Vikas Chander's website and as one does, I had an explore. By Jiminy, I stumbled upon some impressive modeling detailed in there that is really pushing boundaries.

While we all have our weaknesses, why he models German prototype is beyond me... but, for example, check out his layout lighting in the link here. That is just the coolest thing. subtly different colours in lit windows, dusk doloured skies behind buildings. Wow.

He also has laser marked cork road bed (derived from 3rd planit files) for laying out his staging yard, clever module mating and track alignment ideas, resistance solders his feeders to tracks to avoid melting sleepers, and details some of the most impressive (if bewildering) electronic implementations.

We can only dream... but it's well worth a browse!

Warning: avert your eyes if you're on a limited budget


Andrew Hamblyn said...

Very cool!

Having spent the last 30 odd years hanging around theaters, planning, rigging and running shows I have no problem understanding the lighting rig shown here. I even have one of the Entec usb to dmx adapters of my own.....
I have always dreamed of having something similar in the shed, sometime in the future perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for the link Mr. Bond. Incredible stuff. And who would have thought to use a smoke machine for fog!! Stevef