Tuesday, July 15, 2014

After show wrap

So, more thoughts on the show.

-A few people asked about kits. I'll have to acquire some track gang cards (I wrote down the details on the back of a Woodworks card. Two for the price of one) to help with this. There was some interest in the etch-cetera Da's (and I do wish I had another one or two, and not one that's someones tried to convert to Dar 512). I also pointed people at Shapeways and the models available there. However having not purchased any myself (the diesels that is) I don't feel qualified to comment on them. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons and lighten my wallet.
-We really need an NMRA compliant 6mm wheel with a decent profile and axles 13.5-14mm long. This at least will give a standard that will run through all commercial trackwork . To summarise, 2mm wheels are too fine and Peco are too coarse. British wheels are too long and no longer seem to be widely available. Thoughts on the back of a postage stamp please.

One of the jobs I worked on over the weekend was the layout I had previously built to fit in a box file. this was made on 3 400mm sections and was designed to fold out and pop together. While rebuilding the points from my failed attempt to build points with only one blade, I thought about other uses for it. Tonight I removed the track from the short bases, and layed them out on something longer.

The plywood is temporary till I get organised to mount them on something more permanent.  I'll have to make up a single ended MMW module using them (Mark, I'm going to need that other small module back, and a few more ends...)
Finally from the weekend, some photos of me at work (Cheers Grant, I owe you. Possibly a bit of rusty corrugated iron and some chunks of old concrete)

'Vices? Real men don't need vices!'
 Cutting with a fret saw holding the rail by hand. apparently this is a big no no and breaks blades like nothing. I didn't break a blade in 2 days of doing this.The gents standing in front were a US modular group from Wellington who showed a lot of interest in the MMW module ends.

'And the finger gets soldered ... here.'
'Module ends, get your module ends here...'
'Why yes, I am completely out of my mind. Thank you for noticing'
Apparently there's more, but I wouldn't know, I'm not a member of the gated community that is Facebook.


beaka said...

looking good Herr Druff. There was a lot of interest in the scale and the loco kits at Taupo as well. Hopefully it will generate some sales for Russell. Some people mentioned they would be happy to buy a loco body already assembled and painted, but ,I guess, the old issue of how much comes up again!

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