Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blogging hiatus

Well, its been almost 2 months since the last post around here. I was wondering where things were going to run out of steam, so to speak. I've tried to write posts but just have not quite had the energy to drive them through to posting. Much the same has been happening on the modeling bench as I have ha no energy at the end of the day to sit down at the modeling bench and pick up a knife or brush. rather oddly, things at work are rolling along OK so maybe I'm expending too much mental energy there (well, enough to keep myself in a job anyway).

I'm not sure when things will change as the in laws are visiting for the next few weeks and I am volunteered to indulge in a bit of deck building. Thus there will be little time for modeling.

One thing I have come across in my reading is a method of connecting motors to gearboxes that I had never seen before, called a dog clutch. a better description with photos can be found here, but it does not involve a hard physical connection between the motor and gearbox.

Right, time to get outside before the weather packs up.


Anonymous said...

The wood-working inlaws? If so, you'll be a labourer and cheque-signer for materials, then, rather than a builder... Still, maintaining a supply of beer and freshly caught trout may dent the modelling time nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Pre-warning: There shall be an official deck inspection in the not too far future (mid November). Be afraid, be very afraid ...