Monday, June 17, 2013

Patea Way Back When

(No idea where everyone else has gone....might as well put up more rubbish)

A big thanks to Drew for finding these pics online while sitting at home on the company dime (ARSH says the roster...whatever that means).

Patea in 1958 was a really busy place with both the freezing works and the wharf going full noise.

Heres an enlargement of the enlargement showing strings of what look like Kc, Xa and Xc wagons under the awnings of the Cheese Store loading bays.  That saw-tooth roofed building on the right interests me as its no longer there.....I might revisit my photos to see if there are any remnants of it.  Also a stand out is that wonderful signwriting on the facade.  If you look carefully you can still see it under the grot, but unfortunately it hasnt come out in any of my photos. 

Some photoshop trickery may be needed.....


Anonymous said...

Curious. What year was Patea Station building built - doesn't appear to be quite there yet? Should be opposite that right-hand side rake of Js or Jcs?
See my 1968 photo SteveF

Motorised Dandruff said...

There is a buiding there with a stack of cars parked in front of it, but its very low. However in the photo with RM34 it does appear very low.

Anonymous said...

Yeah way too low and almost looks like a strip of storage sheds rather than the station building. Anyways what a great module/layout scene! SteveF

Amateur Fettler said...

Does it just look low because the station itself is down a bank??