Sunday, June 16, 2013

More 4' by 2' Madness

Am_Fet writes (again):

Over the few days since the last work session with Cabbage I have been using idle moments in between work (Switching the KiwiRail Radio Network to narrow band) and home life to work out the dreaded "What to do next" list.  It looks like the next move will be to get the backdrop in and maybe mock up the cheese store in cardboard to see how it all fits in visually.  Plus I've been looking at the loco and wagon list and plotting where each piece is coming from.

Interestingly enough, I came across a PDF I had squirrelled away from MR of a 4' by 2' layout and I think its worthwhile sharing here:

When I first saw this, it screamed "West Coast Coal" I went hunting around Drews blog for some inspiration:

Cor, that will do!  Drews pic of DBR 1213 shunting some HLC coal containers at Reefton in the rain would make a great start, maybe adding in the old coal loader at Rapahoe:

....although the Reefton loadout might also be "adequate " for a small layout:

So, what do we need?  A DBR would be something out of the ordinary and an interesting kitbashing project (although a DC would do just as well).  UK wagons are readily available and I think there are some HLC molds around somewhere (I know DB has a few).  Would it be worth investigating how to make everything "wet" by using a light misting of glosscote on everything?  SOme white lighting instead of warmer yellow?  Muted colours? Handling just coal could be a bit boring as well, so maybe some Ub wagons with some interesting mining equipment onboard?  Or some general container traffic could be put in as well?

Or maybe Peters Wb and some Q wagons.....Hmmmm....Did I mention I had another 3 of these modules to use for something?


Andrew Hamblyn said...

Not to forget the passing parade of DXC hauled coalies full of CB's, CC's and CE wagons, or the gold ore thats loaded in special little tubs at Reefton and hauled away on IA's....
Certainly need DC's and DXC's as well :-)

Anonymous said...

Why not make a short coal-themed piece of scenery between two MMW module ends? Might look more realistic than an extreme low radius roundy roundy. Quicker to model, more realistic, and an easier fit in a mini.

Kiwibonds said...

I like the way that Anonymous bloke/blokesss thinks.

Amateur Fettler said...

Castlecliff is being worked on to fill the MMW module need, but it sounds like a good idea...anyone want to pen a design? We can publish it here....