Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well, the weather was sufficiently inclement to allow me to spend some time in the shed. after a bit of aimless pottering around I decided to make a start on the module join that I had not sorted out due to a lack of track joiners. With the track saw the offending bits were quickly removed and its now ready to properly sort out the track across the joins.

Further progress was held up by the lack of a charged power drill to fix the hinges to the boards.


beaka said...

apart from bolting my modules together, i had thought about hinges as well on the sides. i had noticed on my visit to Railex in 2011 that the guys from large scale Marklin group? were using a large style of hinge similar to the type used on some car trailers, but mounted on its side.noticed this method again while watching a French railway exhibition video. any experience or info you are aware of with this system?

Motorised Dandruff said...

I have my modules bolted together, but decided to add the hinges as well after seeing the Welington 9mm layout go together. From memory Barry Norman promotes smaller hinges in both horizontal and vertical planes.