Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Back to the shed

I finally made it out to the man-sion tonight, the first time in a week or so. I must sit down at some point and make a list of potential projects to work on the get some momentum on this project. I did a bit of pottering on the road crossing filling in some of the gaps where the DAS had shrunk. I'm not sure how to use this stuff. Theres plenty of people on RMweb that seem to make it work, maybe it needs PVA mixed with it.

While I was working on this, I noticed a purchase from Railex that I have neglected to mention. Found in a box under a table was a collection of TT scale cars. Sifting out the convertibles, I found these 2 models which fit for my 1960's time frame.

 These look like 1960's vintage European cars, possibly of an eastern bloc persuasion. The one on the right is fortunately too long to be a Trabant, but does bear a passing similarity to British cars of the period as well. The one on the left has more of an American look. It reminds me of this shot from the Western Langford collection.

This however looks like a Fiat of some sort (I have no idea, I just make things up as I go. Both a good thing and a bad thing in my profession). It does give me some ideas for a group of photographers on the layout, though the hairstyles will be hard to model

I brought 4 at $5 a pop (which is OK I thought). I'll paint the tires black, and give them a wash of Tamiya smoke and a matt varnish, which will tone them down nicely.


Anonymous said...

the "burgundy" one beside the "burgundy" one is not a Fiat, it's a VW Karmann

steve w.

Anonymous said...

the one on the right is a Traby or Trabant, the one on the left is a Wartburg, both DDR icons

steve w.

Amateur Fettler said...

Train nerds in a VW Karmann????

Surely thats a bit upmarket and trendy for a bunch of foamers.

(Nice looking cars those)

Anonymous said...

Yeah that Weston Langford shot (great collection of photos btw) with the V dub and the electrics, it all looks very European! SteveF