Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ribbed for her Pleasure: Now available with fewer inches

DB Says:

It must be a while since I last posted anything here since I can't work the blog software anymore.

Among my email inbox of black friday sales spam I see that PSK Modelbouw now makes wee 20 foot containers. I enjoyed their 40 footers in this episode so I must order some of these fellows and give them a spin in a last-chance effort to get myself into the trainroom. If I can still find it.

TT Containers


beaka said...

good to see you are still around.I wondered how you got on with the storm.

Kiwibonds said...

Thanks, beaka - all ok here - some trees and fences down, a few shingles off the roof, sea up to the house but no water inside thank goodness. some pics around and about in here:

beaka said...

thanks for the link Darryl.some very impressive shots. It looks like a lovely area.Hard to believe you get snow.