Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sod all hapening

Hmm, this is just the 3rd post this month, so things are slowing down (although my erstwhile co-writers are also obviously busy modeling...). I'm being distracted by wargaming currently, which primarily involving painting is much more house friendly than cutting and filing operations. GWR Broad gauge is also getting some more thought although making mixed gauge track work in 2mm scale may be a rail too far.

On actual modeling notes I have had a play with the log bogies and the Cb will push all 6 on level track. Hopefully it will be able to do the same on a slight grade. The railtruck may not be up to grades, so there will be some playing around to see if it will run. I have come up with a rough track plan based on bits of Charming creek that I like and a few other bush scenes that I would like to attempt.

On another note, Railex 2012 is on the weekend of 27th of October in Lower Hutt. The plan currently is to have a collection of MMW Modules there and running. Must get busy on this as there are baseboards to build, track to lay and wagons to complete.

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