Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Going Bush III

So, a day off (my first since the start of the year), and what to do. Make a start on the bush tram for real, that's what. Working from the base knowledge that Kerosene creek is built on expanded polystyrene and has lasted 20 odd years, i figured why not do something similar. While shopping for (more) plants at the weekend I noticed that underfloor insulation is relatively cheap at the moment, so purchased a bag of 1200 by 560 by 60 (9 pieces for $58 at Bunnings).

The next question was size and a track plan. The first was sensibly limited by the size of the back of the car, which is 1200 by 600 by 900. given that the end plates are 200 deep, and I wanted at least that high again for hills, this gives about 1200 by 1200 with a height of 400. Sounds about right. Next up is the track plan. Normally I'd sketch and sketch until something fell out. Since I'd done some thinking and had some flexitrack I could just do it in real life.

The main line is limited by the 600mm radius that 'we' decided on for the minimodules. It will have a passing loop, goods shed, small station and a siding that heads off stage to the sawmill (which I'm not going to model, its in the 'too hard to let trains run through it' basket). The Bush tram will be on a separate loop. This will include a loco shed next to the NZR station, a couple of bridges and river scene similar to Charming Creek, and a log loading point. The module end plates can be seen as well, so its a 90 degree corner. Not sure if this is a good idea, but that's never stopped me before.

And what layout planning session would be complete without the chief project engineer placing some trains on to see how things might look. The Cb is just passing where the loco shed will sit. The area behind the Da will have a general store and a couple of houses. I still have to sort out where I'll put the logging camp plus a few other items, but I like the base idea.


sxytrain said...

What about talking to Grant M and coordinating something that might work together?

Kiwibonds said...

This is very cool.