Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Wrists of steel

The first job with the kit was to glue it to some 1/16 card stock, as it was printed on the cheapest paper I could get. I took the opportunity to cut some of the pieces out and make more optimal use of the space on the card sheet. Again my other boat for scale.

 Then comes the physically hard bit. All the pieces have to be cut out accurately which was a couple of hours work made hard work by the thickness of the card. I also had to take into account that while I didn't want a full display model, I didn't want a ship at full load either. After a bit of thinking about how much I could cut out of the lower frames of the ship, I came up with a height which would allow part of the propeller out of the water.

I then put it together to check that everything fit OK.

The bends will vanish as more parts are glued together. In think picture I've added a 30cm ruler to give a better idea of just how big this model will be.


Anonymous said...

An Aramoana would look good in Nz120. That way yous could have the trains driving on and off the ship!

Motorised Dandruff said...

I seem to remember seeing photos of this back in the mid 1990's?
You would also be limited to 1962 being the earliest year that you could model.

0-4-4-0T said...

The Aramoana in dock would make an interesting 1.2 metre long terminus module - a single track passing under the drawbridge gantry and dividing into three tracks just as it goes inside a ship 930mm long. A sort of hidden terminus. A lot of modelling though with all that fine shaping for the hull, and exterior detail required on the boat.

Rab said...

Without a kit or very good plan I think it would be a long job to correcty do the hull. However motor vessels are a bit easyier detail wise due to the different ventillation demands.

beaka said...

I have the plans for Aramoana which have been scaled down and sitting in a drawer for some time. My idea was to build the wharf module on wheels and use it as a type of fiddle yard. First step was to build the module and install lighting in the rail deck of the ship. The idea being ability to lift the body of ship off base to access rail storage and for derailments, etc. At some point I would hope to be able to get a certain NZ120 modeller in the south Island to 3D print some of the detail parts for top!!! Biggest issue is lack of space in my shed for another module at present.