Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wharf III

picked the wharf up tonight and got on with the job I had been avoiding, scribing the planks.
This went better than I had expected and in no time (well about an hour) I had the job done.

I then sanded the edges down, added holes for the point actuation switches to work and then added balsa strips to the edges.

The weights are to try to solve a slight warping problem. when glued to the baseboard it should be fine.


Lewis Holden said...

Heh, I knew saving these wood blocks was a good idea...

Motorised Dandruff said...

Yes, 6 by 2 H4 framing.
Just have to sort out how the piles will work.

Kiwibonds said...

that was quick!

greg k said...

Appreciate the concern;just posted a fullish update on the "another birthday" posting of April 20, 2014 - seemed appropriate - upshot is have "scale-hopped" to "NZ48".

On your conundrum re interesting NZR yards, I suggest you look on the Guild website at the reproductions of the yard/station drawings from the 1950s issues of the Journal - several offer real possibilities as to recreation in NZ120.

keep up the good work

greg k said...

The NZMR Guild web link is to "journal reprints" - there are some 22 plans so far, including Picton, Onehunga & Foxton with wharves; alos Lincoln ( big Y), Kurow, Ngaio, Cromwell etc - a challenge to get that pencil and paper out and mix & match;