Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I tend to spend a fair bit of time doodling track plans. All I need is a pen, a bit of paper and an idle 5 minutes and I'm off. Most of my planning tends to be involved with tweaking plans I have already worked on to try to get a better shunting set up. I must admit that some prototypes have me stumped (the standard NZP 3 track goods yard is almost impossible to add interest to, well for me anyway).
 Possibly of more interest is industrial shunting yards. These can have an odd variety of track formations in a small area which add both visual and building interest. 

So, to keep me entertained at work, does anyone have any layout design problems that they would like examined? Scale is not a problem as I've made track in most scales. I may have to reacquaint myself with commercial track work to see what can be fitted into an area. Also the preference for operations/shunting or watching the trains go past.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the difficulty of making the bog standard NZ 3-track yard look exciting. The length of the switches plus a bit of track betwean takes so much distance. Moana is nice, though.