Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday evening.

Well, only a week late...

I was going to write something last weekend, but its taken this long for my thoughts to gel a bit more.

Carrying on from lasts weeks post, smart money is on a downsizing of modeling space in my immediate future. This has a few implications layout wise. There won't be enough space to set up Paekakariki in the new digs, so it will probably be going into storage (unless there is a good home for it to go to).

I've been doing some deeper thinking about what I would like in a layout. I have not been overly satisfied with the roundy roundy type layout for a while now. Paekakariki is only really an extension of this. Granted it is a fidle yard-station-fiddle yard set up, but there is no real shunting to be done. I've also made any possible shunting moves quite difficult when I scaled it down 5 years ago.

I've been doing some reading on design of layouts for operation, and it doesn't make too much sense to me I must admit. However its doing a good job of expanding my horizons. I just have to work out how to compress everything into a smaller space and still get a layout that I can live with.


0-4-4-0T said...

Other than around in circles, or end to end without turning (loco pushes half the time), or single track with a turning loop at each end (with polarity constantly changing), the only other layout is a short static display (which limits shunting).

What else are you thinking O'Druff?

To make shunting meaningful one needs two or more stations on a layout, each with its own sidings. It could be a single layout with one or more complete circles of track. Or it could be a modular freemo layout with two or more modules having stations and sidings.

NZ120 said...

Or, Buy a whole lot of unitrack, and setup huge railway lines around the house :P