Monday, September 23, 2013

Bite sized chunks

With moving into a smaller area the layout constrictions change. With my self imposed minimum radius of 600 mm this does limit the things you can do in a small room. The hunt then begins for stations in a corner. Just looking through the collection tonight, I found this little gem

Port Ahuriri (or Napier ) circa 1912. It has some interesting items which caught my eye.
First up it's on a curve. This scores points on the 'fit into a corner' box. There are 2 distinct sections that could be modeled. The 1st (and smaller ) is the dock which is on the opposite side of the road to a group of warehouses (all of which still exist but converted into restaurants). This would make a good small shunting plank about 6' long (including the fiddle yard).

The second is the main yard. At first this doesn't seem that interesting. However if you look closer, the right hand side the trackage belongs to the Napier harbour board, which is a private railway. In American layout planning terms, this is an interchange, or a source of traffic for the NZR. What is even more useful is the large goods shed at the front of the yard. This can be used to hide the tracks to the right leading to an off stage fiddle yard. The backdrop of industrial buildings also provides a shunting track at the back.

So, there are plenty of ideas here for a corner MMW module.


Anonymous said...

What period would you model? Modern DL's pulling container wagons past restaurants or Wf's shunting 4-wheel wagons?

0-4-4-0T said...

Searching for corners...I really admired that Waihao Downs track layout. Would that trackwork take a DXB pulling a container train or would the corners be too tight?

Cabbage said...

Just maybe you are going to have to let imagination go wild and do something that doesn't actual exist but ticks all the boxes and still has an NZR feel to it

Motorised Dandruff said...

Careful with that suggestion, You have no idea where my imagination could wind up :v)