Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Broken River 6: Green Day

DB posts for the second time in living memory (although technically I wrote this a week ago but forgot to post it. Seeing papa Druff's recent greening reminded me of this):

After bulldozering some crap out of the train room (seeing Comrade Druff's messy room kicked me into action) I stared at my steaming Broken River folly and decided to do something about it.

You may recall from my previous field dispatches that some time ago I had built a hillside with silly foam meringues all over it. In the intervening months I have slowly turned that whole scene matt black with the help of a small paint brush. This was a pain, but I didn't want any white bits to show through subsequent scenerising.

And this is where things have sat for a while.

Yesterday I went at it with a dull green spray - "safe for plastic" it said on the can... and it was over a layer of paint anyway... so after a test patch, I went wild.

Can you guess what happened next? Melting? Noxious fumes? Fires? Explosions? Plagues of locusts? Nope. Nothing but healthy greenliness. Within seconds my collection of black dog turds had been transformed into green dog turds - something that would almost pass as really bad model railway scenery if viewed through a welders mask under candlelight.

Buoyed by this success, I started applying second-hand scenery material to the droppings:  brush with mildly diluted PVA, blow on some fine turf in a variety of leftover shades from the bottom of the scenery box, plenty of recycled foliage net in three colours (like applying toupees to my round mounds), a little fine leaf foliage here and there, some crappy old reused trees press-ganged into service...

Layering in Action. From L to R: Black blobs; black blobs with diluted pva bushed on; black blobs with foliage blown on; black blobs with foliage netting; black blobs filled in with other misc scenery items.

I still need to spray on some matt finish and touchups in patches as the glue has left some of the underturds a little shiny, but suddenly it doesn't look completely awful.

Apologies for cellphone pics. Next: some ballast.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Mr. Bond, looking really really good! Scenics is going to be my weak point so I am following yourself and MD closely :-\ SteveF