Sunday, April 20, 2008

First post, last post?

Wow, a first post. Sort of needs a great topic, how I'm going to change the world etc. Somehow I don't think its going to happen. So whats this all going to be about. Hopefully it will be a blog on modeling in NZ120, running model railways in 1:120 scale on 9mm gauge track, with some incredibly bad typing and spelling tossed in for good measure. I've been doing this off and on for 20 years now, but have been completely inactive for the last 10 years. What prompted me to get back into it has been the deaths of 2 men.

John Rappard was my NZ120 mentor, he was an incredibly skilled modeler and very generously taught me an awful lot about modeling. I've always tried to live up to his example of helping any other modeler who asks how to do something or improve their skills. I had lost contact with him, and his death came as a bit of a wake up for me.

Pat Eade was another character who released the first commercial range of NZ120 kits. he was also a good bloke, and I remember a few phone chats with him, when I kept pushing him into casting bits for the scale back in the early 1990's (I'm not claiming that I got him into the scale, as it took 10 years to get anywhere with this!).

So, where does this all lead. I've been lurking on the yahoo group for quite a while now. I've watched people talk with little action (where did that plan for a De kit go?), grand schemes come and go, and the scale bumble along with not allot happening ( a few people aside who I'll mention in the next couple of weeks). I'm hoping to bang down some thoughts from the keyboard and try to inspire a few people to have a go at building things. I'll try to do this with some modeling projects, thoughts and ideas. Also possibly a bit of modeling philosophy thrown in.

Sounds ambitious I guess, but it all seems rather pointless if you start something without ambition.:v) And I've always wanted to have a crack at this blogging thing. No idea if I'll be any good, but that's not going to worry me that much anyway, as I dont really care if you read this or not.

Right then, on with the show.

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Anonymous said...

I have read this. With hindsight we know the blog is very regular for over 6 years.