Monday, June 11, 2018

Down the rabbit hole

I've been doing some bits and pieces on my tramp steamer. The masts are painted and I've made a start on the deck detail.

So its all coming along nicely and apart from the railings everything else seems to be straight froward, just adding some cast details and doing the rest of the bits in wood etc rather than folded paper. So today I'm ding a web search just to see if I can find anything else on the ship, and I come across a Flickr folder with a collection of deck photos

And suddenly a simple job comfortably ensconced in ignorance get the searchlight of enlightenment focused on it. Theres plenty more railings  and a lot more detail full stop.pluses are bridge detail and also the capstans which will be easier to make. minuses are the whinches which are far more detailed.
So how far does one go with this information?I could go nuts but at the end of the day its only really a backdrop, and those were once simple paint jobs.


Serpentine said...

She looks incredible! Reminds me of the original Baroona

Anonymous said...

Adding the ship's railings will help give visual clues as to scale. Excellent progress.