Monday, August 07, 2017

Model review.

A while ago I picked up a 3D printed railway house from Trademe. These are available in a variety of scales. Mine was printed in white strong and flexible, which I think is a nylon based plastic, and cost $35. The Shapeways shop shows a variety of other buildings available.
So, what do we get for our money?

A nice touch are the internal walls (even with a fireplace in the front room) attached to the foundation. the windows are separate pieces  and could be replaced by Trackside widows. The front porch is also a nice touch and would be hard to replicate otherwise.

Goes together square.

Theres also the back door.

So, opinion time. With the standard proviso that the standard 3D printing clean up is required, I like it. Its a sizable time saver especially if you require several identical buildings which was typical of the railway settlements seem at every sizable station. The negative is that the standard corrugated iron roof is not modeled, though I think it would have come out very poorly in the WSF plastic. I was going to try to give it a number out of 5, but failed. To my mind a better question is "would I buy another one at the same price". The answer is yes.


beaka said...

I've done one already and also working on a model of our own home in a 3D print. Very happy with the results and excellent value for money!

Luke Ueda-Sarson said...

1 mm model corrugations should be prefectly feasible in WSF, and as that is only slightly under double scale size at 1:120, I reckon it shouldn't look too off.

Luke Ueda-Sarson said...

PS, WSF is nylon-12. Or at least, it used to be. It may have changed, as there was a major accident a few years ago at the only place (in Germany) it was made, which interrupted supplies.

Rab said...

And I'm probably the only other man reading this who will understand what nylon 12 actually is...

coasterboy said...

Its actually ABS plastic.WSF is what Shapeways uses and is porrous(soaks up paint).
As far as corrugations go I thought Id leave that to the "modeller" to play with.......I might look at it sometime......some people may want to have a tiled roof.