Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Morning

Well, Just.

This morning after a bit of a fossick through the book shelves ( I must find some bindings for my collection of Railfans) I came across my collection of information for the Rimutaka incline.

No sign of a doodle for a complete layout (I'm sure that I did one) but there was a plan for Cross Creek.

The top plan was a test sketch, obviously I thought that the extra passing loop could be done away with. Not sure why I included a second crossover as this was in the days before I made my own track. on closer inspection I've brawn over the top and so I think that the intended orientation is as shown in the first plan. There's also no notes on size and I'm guessing that it would probably fit on 8' if some compromises on train length were to be accepted. depth would ideally be 2'6"to 3' to model the hill behind to get a sense of dwarfing the station.


0-4-4-0T said...

This could link to Pigeon Bush, which I have under construction. Fell locomotives were used to bank trains from about 1 km north of Pigeon Bush, through Pigeon Bush to Cross Creek. That would give scope for all kinds of locomotives pulling trains along the flat, and avoid having to run them up 1 in 15 gradients.

Am_Fet said...

I wonder if any future ideas concerning the incline need to be in the "small-medium" size category rather than the "WTF" category that Paekak is/was. A smallish cleverly designed layout that can easily be transported to shows might work better to keep the Nz120 mojo flowing? Of course, how that can be achieved I have no idea without sitting down with a pen and paper but I wonder if something maybe Kai Iwi sized might be the maximum you would be looking at? The planned exhibition configuration of Waihao Forks wont take up hardly any room, or take much time to setup/tear down.

0-4-4-0T said...

Well, most of my nz120 rolling stock is being kept really light so that it can be run up a 1 in 16 gradient. I have been thinking an oval circuit with trains going up the incline one side and down the other out of sight. Because of the difference in levels I don't think it is practical to link it to other modules.

Motorised Dandruff said...

I had alwys thought of it as a stand alone layout. Again there was some messing round with the possibility of having a continued run leading off from the left hand head shunt.

0-4-4-0T said...

I know you don't like round and round layouts. Pigeon Bush is expected to be something that links to other modules - whether Manawatu Gorge, Conns Creek, or Cross Creek. Cross Creek to Pigeon Bush wouldn't be wrong as a set-up - they were adjacent stations on the Wairarapa Line and Fell locos were used to bank trains between them.