Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another birthday

Today the blog turns 6. Normally at this point I write some philosophical garbage, but I'm just not in the mood for that tonight.

I see that we have managed 12 posts so far this year. This tends to suggest a bit of a problem in the motivation stakes, or 'bloggers block' if you will.

'Sometimes, blogging is just soooo hard'
I have in the last few months that I will start writing a post, then wondering if I am repeating myself. This then leads to deletion and going back to whatever else I was doing. I don't want to go down the path worn by others where they continue to discuss the first loco that they built back in the 19X0's trying to inspire others (how or why I'm not so sure). Not doing any NZ120 modeling currently (that staple of many blog posts past) doesn't help much.

I do feel to some extent that I have been superseded by the next generation of NZ120 modelers. I don't believe this is a bad thing, In fact its great to see that the scale is thriving far beyond anything I expected 6 years ago. 3D printing has made the production of models far simpler as there is no need to hold stocks of parts for a kit (the classical method). I think we will see in the next few years the production of add on kits in the form of cast and etched parts to super detail the bodies. Another thing I would like to see is more on line reviews of these models along with close up photos.

On another tangent I received an E-mail today from a modeler wanting to start out in NZ120. The questions tend to be the same standard ones that we have had here from time to time. Many moons ago Greg Keay approached me about writing an NZ120 primer for the guild. I think this was going to be as part of a series for all the common scales used in New Zealand. I have no idea what happened to this grand scheme (indeed Greg has been rather silent of late. I hope that there's not a bad/sad reason for this as I'm still looking forward to a brass etched Ds top), but maybe its past time to write such a document. It could keep me out of trouble, and the history chapter is already written.

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greg keay said...

Hi all; I'm not so sure its been that "many moons", since I communicated via this particular medium, and no to allay any fears out there, the GCSB & SIS have not spirited me away for a "rendering" in the Caribbean or some East European or middle eastern "resort". No, its merely that I have had to grudgingly admit that advancing years are beginning to play havoc with my digital & optical faculties, so most regrettably I have deserted NZ120 for the newly beckoning model railway world of NZ48; that's NZR modelling in 1:48 scale, running on track gauged a smidgen finer than 1:64 Scale "standard gauge - (4ft 8.5") - and yes the debate between the true believers that it should be 22.23mm vs the heretics who consider 22.45mm is acceptable doth wax & wane;

This scale change was also predicated by the acquisition of Burnett's Creek , an NZ48 modular layout modelled by Evan G from Chch.

The change has also led to a rethink at Glenorchy Models, where we are busy rescaling our P34 (9MM) scale small diesel loco etched kits to the new NZ48 faith.

So busy with a significant clear out of years of accumulation of "stuff", which means that the NZ120 Ds & Dh body etches and the RP detail parts are "safely" stored away in a box - somewhere - when I find them again the new plan is to offer the unspoken for balance thru Trackgang - subject to the ok from Russell - those faithful, patient awaiters of these items, per the last list I have, can expect their individual orders to be supplied directly by June 30, 2015.

I still encourage Rhys to do the NZ120 Primer, and am happy to assist if required - not sure whether the Guild is into publishing, but it would seem to sit nicely on the new website.

regards to all