Friday, January 04, 2013

On Holiday

Well, I was intending to do a bit more blogging over the break, but Internet has not reached some areas of the south island yet (well, easily hackable wireless connections at least). And while I have not seen much in the way of trains (the correct number attached to the phrase "Oh, you will see a few trains on the way down" is 2), there were other things to do. These involved getting on a borrowed bike and setting off into the countryside on selected parts of the Central Otago rail trail. First day was a short trip up to Chatto creek (also known locally as 'sh*thole creek'). The first section is pretty flat from Clyde to Alex, and was a nice warm up. The main thing things to look at were.....

'Trees and dry hills'
Both these pictures are taken looking back towards Clyde just in case anyone gets confused.

Once past Alex the terrain changes and we are up into shist country.

The Trail follows the Manuherikia river valley for the first part of the journey. Its reasonably easy going as the 1 in 50 tiger hill bank is after Chatto creek. there are patches where the valley opens up and we are out into big sky country.
 There are the amazing rock outcrops.

 Probably even more incredible than the landscape, if that is possible, is the mark that the early railway builders have left upon it. This was entirely done with hand tools which defies our modern day imagination.

 So, first day back on a bike for a decent ride since I left Nelson two years ago and a final tally of 55 km.  They lady of the house made it 40 km before her legs gave out and was picked up by the support crew. My legs gave out on the final stretch back to Clyde. When you are passed by a retired couple and can't catch up with them again your day is done. Oh, and at the end of the day I wished my ass was asleep. Fortunately the bike riding and sitting groups of butt muscles are completely different, so the end of the day was not that bad.

 Over the years I have at times kicked around modeling parts of the Otago Central branch. after this day I'm just not sure that it is possible to do it justice unless one is prepared to use a large area and wide baseboards. Even then it is a huge ask.

'How can one model all of this?


NZFinescale said...

Lucky dog. I wish I was in central on my bike.

I have slightly different cycling aspirations, but good on you for discovering you have butt muscles!


0-4-4-0T said...

Provided the baseboards were the size of your Cass ones, NZ120 could give a reasonable impression of that landscape.